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Purpose Statement

Helping persons with developmental disabilities is important to Angel Behavioral Care Services, LLC. We want to provide services for them and help them see that their dreams, goals, and aspirations can come true. 


To provide exceptional services to all who desire to reach their maximum potential. We apply the Golden Rule and have empathy for everyone we provide services to.


To provide care services centered on the needs of those who we serve; with quality staffing and administration.


We are an accountable and responsive agency who works as a team. We are fun-loving, exciting, friendly, and recognized for what we do and provide for all.

Customer Focus

Satisfaction of all customers associated with Angel Behavioral Care Services, LLC through education and promoting our mission, vision, and philosophy. Also, by meeting the needs of the people we serve and exceeding their expectations.

Employee Focus

Listening to our employees, getting input, providing training, and showing appreciation through progressive action. Giving support at all times to our employees.



Open lines of communication with all we come in contact with, through regular meetings.

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Phone: (856) 628-0318 
Fax:     (856) 522-0537

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