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Job Title:  Support Coordinator

Hours Worked:  May be part‑time or full‑time. ­The SC will maintain flexibility in hours to meet consumer and program needs.

Responsible To:  Support Coordination Supervisor

Job Summary:  The Support Coordinator is to be responsible for the coordination and management of the overall services, including: development of Individual Support Plans (ISPs); coordination of interdisciplinary teams; coordinate service provision with assistance of the coordinator; allocation of monies for support services; and responsibility for maintaining high quality services.  ­

Qualifications:   The Support Coordinator must be at least 18 years of age, have a Bachelor’s Degree. The Supports Coordinator must be a qualified mental retardation professional, based on education, experience, and abilities.  1-2 years prior experience in developing and implementing individual programs and budget implementation is desired.  Must have good decision-making, time management, and communication skills, and be responsible, mature, and flexible.



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